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Equinox Business Analysis Services, Impact &Continuity

Adopting an approach to deal with a crisis on the day of occurrence has proven to be a failure. In today’s competitive business environment, advanced planning is crucial to promptly respond to any disruptions or disasters when they occur.

In fact, investing in long-term preventive measures guarantees the highest possible return on investment (ROI) to the client. This is more efficient than cutting from pre-allocated budgets to recover from business crises after they occur.

Based on its profound understanding of the rapidly growing business community’s requirements, and driven by a flourishing ICT sector and worldwide technologies, Equinox has developed its special service solution “Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning” –E.Basic, which has become an essential methodology of disaster avoidance for many prominent enterprises in Egypt and the Middle East.

E.Basic caters to the fundamental progress requirements of any company to enhance its competitive edge, reduce service interruptions, and minimize losses.

E-Basic team does not only have the necessary IT experience for securing your business and assuring its continuity, it also possesses the necessary business background to guarantee a smooth and organized workflow.

E-Basic team consists of “the minds” and “the hands.” The former enjoys project management capabilities and has a proven track record in business analysis and process creation; while the latter proficiently undertakes the hands-on tasks, building on solid and diversified communication, networking and IT experience, and security and audit skills. the
hands-on tasks with proficiency, building on solid and diversified communication, networking and IT experience, security and audit skills.

In E-Basic, we deal with each client as a special case. We study all aspects of the business to identify the most critical points and any impending risks. This allows us to develop a DRP that helps you overcome disruptions or, if we arrive early, prevent them.

E.BASIC is a Unique Solution that Provides Consultation Services

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Development

  • Service Study

    Preparing a report of service platforms, its requirements and dependencies, its relation to the systems, and service outage tolerance and recovery time required. The report will define which of these platforms imposes a potential risk on the business if interrupted, in addition to a score.

  • Updated and Detailed DRP

    Setting a clearly defined plan on how to deal with crises and emergencies, while considering four key factors: Data Criticality Ranking and Labeling, RPO and RTO, Backup Frequency and Mechanisms, and Critical Service Path Analysis.

  • Platform Study

    A thorough study and critique of all IT elements such as networks, platforms and links to determine their contribution to the entire infrastructure.

  •  Current DRP Study

    Collecting information on the current situation –if any- to provide enhancements and improvements.

  •  Risk Analysis

    A critical-path analysis compiling all potential risks and solutions to avoid a pending situation down the road.

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