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Equinox International Wins Silver Membership of Linux Foundation


“Equinox International”, first Systems Integrator in Egypt to receive Silver Membership of Linux Foundation and Linux Foundation Networking to introduce the latest technology solutions for services development

Equinox, the leading provider of technology systems integration in the Middle East, has announced that it has acquired the silver membership of the Linux Foundation and Linux Foundation Networking.

Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization focuses on the development of state-of-the-art open-source technologies. It is trusted by leading ICT companies, worldwide Telecom Service Providers and reputable developers around the world to develop the latest global technologies and communication solutions in many areas, including Internet of things, cloud computing solutions, NFV and qualification for 5G services, which helps companies to provide advanced services with a high level of performance.

Linux Foundation Networking is a Linux Foundation-affiliated organization that sponsors the world’s largest and most famous open source projects in the field of digital networking such as Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV), Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), OpenDaylight (ODL) among other global projects.

aSCA“We are always aiming to develop the level of services provided to the market for users, to raise awareness on the importance of digital transformation and to develop intelligent internal systems of high quality and international standards,” said Eng. Samer Haqoun, Equinox’s Deputy CEO, Sales and Business Development. He added that “we pride ourselves for obtaining silver membership of Linux Foundation and Linux Foundation Networking that will qualify us for making a difference in providing telecom services because of their important role in enabling support and innovation of the latest open source ICT solutions.

He added that Linux Foundation is the preferred organization for the world’s leading developers and largest companies for developing ecosystems that adopt the development of open source solutions worldwide. The company works to solve the most difficult technical issues through the largest investment in shared technology in history and provision of tools, training and events for extending any open-source project to achieve an economic impact that could not be achieved by any single company.

“We are excited to welcome Equinox to Linux Foundation Networking Fund; Equinox demonstrates the continued global growth for our community as the first member from Egypt. We look forward to future collaboration and advancing the open source networking stack together,” said Arbit Goshishura, General Manager of Networking; Linux Foundation.

For his part, Eng. Kareem El-Hassany, Business Development Senior Manager at Equinox, said that such membership comes in line with our objectives to provide advanced services to our telecom service providers. During this year, we aim to continue to develop and meet the requirements of the telecom service providers operating in the Egyptian market through providing networks infrastructure solutions, which helps them to develop their business in an innovative manner and to provide the service with highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in addition to remarkably reducing the cost of providing services and increasing the network flexibility to meet future growth, and that is our most important goal of Linux membership.

El-Hassany pointed out that there is a training part where, through our membership in Linux Foundation and Linux Foundation Networking, we will work on developing and qualifying the company’s human resources who will have full opportunity to open up and leverage the largest number of solutions and technologies in most important and modern fields through interaction with an international network of developers that contributes to raising the efficiency and making a breakthrough in the level of services provided.

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