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Veritas Access Software Defined Storage


A scale-out software-defined storage approach for your data access and copy needs.

Platform-independent, highly scalable NAS information access

Unstructured data is experiencing phenomenal growth due to the proliferation of computing devices and operating systems, IoT, and other applications that fuel the rising tide of “big data.” This massive, unrelenting growth is causing challenges for IT in addressing storage needs for both transactional and analytic workloads with very different performance and capacity requirements. Veritas Access enables your organization to offer easily managed data access regardless of where it resides—on-premises, off-premises, or in the cloud, with resulting application performance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability gains.

Turn your unstructured data into a performance advantage

Boost performance for legacy and new age applications

  • Get an ideal storage solution for serving multiple different unstructured data use cases, mixed I/O workloads, and billions of files with differing attributes
  • Simultaneously access files and objects over multiple protocols, including NFS, CIFS, FTP, SMB, and S3
  • Access different environments and applications through heterogeneous infrastructure support, DAS, SSDs, SAN, or S3-based cloud storage
Save money by intelligently moving files to lower-cost disks/cloud

Increase efficiency and lower storage costs

  • Automatically move files based on usage patterns
  • Prune files that are older and not needed
  • Store less-used files on low-cost disks/cloud
Seamlessly move data to and from the cloud

Interface with private and public cloud platforms

  • Integrate with OpenStack Cinder and Manila (NFS V3, V4)
  • Support of Amazon Web Services S3 and GLACIER, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Bluemix
  • Amazon Web Services Deployment to meet workload performance requirements in the Cloud

New in Veritas Access 7.4access-video-thumbnail

Veritas Access is a software-defined scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution for unstructured data that installs on your commodity hardware. It provides resiliency, multi-protocol access and movement of data to and from the multiple cloud platforms, resulting in cost savings by utilizing low cost disks/cloud for infrequently accessed data.

The 7.4 release includes:
  • Erasure-coding support in a cluster file system (CFS) for NFS, S3 use cases.
  • Getting started Wizards for storage provisioning for NFS, CIFS, Replication, S3 as NetBackup and EV.
  • A new single pane of glass administration tool that facilitates orchestration, management and optimization of data on Access clusters.
  • Multi-protocol access (Amazon S3i, CIFS, FTP, NFS, Oracle Direct NFS, and SMB 3).
  • Support for Up to 5 petabyte single filesystem instance
Boost workloads performance and manage costs

Veritas Access enables high-performance, cost-optimized, software-defined storage for unstructured data workloads. For on-premises workloads, use Veritas Access to provision multi cloud storage platforms as a low-cost storage tier, meeting performance requirements for unstructured data workloads and optimizing the policy-driven migration of that data to AWS, Azure, Google and IBM cloud infrastructures.

  • Leverage multi cloud storage tiering
  • Meet workload performance requirements
  • Move data to AWS, Azure, Google and IBM cloud platforms based on policy
Provide telecom-grade performance for all your applications

Veritas Access is the ideal storage solution for serving large numbers of small files with low latency, meeting telecom workload performance requirements.

  • Get performance that meets unstructured data needs
  • Ensure high availability
  • Use a single storage solution for new and legacy applications
  • Optimize costs with hot and cool storage support
Unleash media streaming performance

Veritas Access provides a unique software-defined storage solution to address the performance and capacity requirements for media streaming workflows.

  • Practice workload-based tuning
  • Get multiprotocol file and object access
  • Use policy-driven storage management
Achieve cost-effective, long-term data retention and archiving

The integration of NetBackup and Veritas Access allows you to backup Access NAS file systems and also select Access shares as back-end target storage to leverage cost-effective, long-term data retention.

  • Ensure long-term data retention
  • Get a resilient, cost-effective solution that is scale-out and elastic
  • Eliminate the need for time consuming tape management

Veritas Access also works as a primary archive store for Enterprise Vault offering a software-defined alternative storage solution for archiving infrastructure including:

  • A compliant and flexible storage alternative for archiving retention with WORM Support
  • The ability to avoid storage vendor lock-in
  • A resilient solution that is scale-out (linear performance) & elastic (grow/shrink with demand)

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