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Cisco Umberella

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cloud security is your first line of defense.

Hero-Promotion-Blade-Icons-01 Discover and block Shadow IT

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Hero-Promotion-Blade-Icons-01 See how Cisco Umbrella cuts through security challenges in Once Upon a Network: Modern-Day Security Tales.

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Still being infected by malware? We’re not surprised.

Your Users

Your users connect from many locations and devices. They no longer need the VPN to get work done — they use cloud services. What if you had a fast, easy way to protect users anywhere they access the internet?

Your Threats

Threats continue to increase in sophistication but attackers often reuse the same infrastructure in multiple attacks — leaving cyber fingerprints. What if you could use those fingerprints to uncover attacks before they launch?

But the problem doesn’t end there…

Plus, more of your branch offices connect directly to the internet instead of backhauling traffic to headquarters. You’re left with limited or zero visibility into the threats targeting these users. What if you could protect your branch offices without adding another appliance or deploying endpoint security?

Your focus has been to reduce the time to detect and defend against malware. Has this made you more secure? You’re still flooded with infections despite your existing security. It’s not enough to wait for malware to reach your network or endpoints before you try to detect and stop them. What if you could identify and block threats earlier?

Cisco Umbrella is the solution.

As the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway in the cloud, Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet. Because Umbrella is delivered from the cloud, it is the easiest way to protect all of your users in minutes


Simple, effective security.

Simple, effective security for your network transformation

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Security’s new frontier: The Cloud

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