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Cisco Software-Defined Access – Equinox International

Get network speed, security, and peace of mind

Ease your network management worries. Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) gives you a single network fabric, from the edge to the cloud. You can set policy-based automation for users, devices, and things.Provide access to any application, without compromising on security. All while gaining awareness of what is hitting your network.And with automatic segmentation of users, devices, and applications, you can deploy and secure services faster.

What you can do with SD-Access

Enhance security and compliance

Use end-to-end segmentation to keep user, device, and application traffic separate without redesigning the network.

Improve the workforce experience

Automate user access policy and apply the right policies for users or devices to any application, across the network.

Boost operational effectiveness

Deliver a consistent user experience anywhere, without compromise, using a single network fabric.

Expand business insights

Bring outdoor, rugged, and industrial IoT endpoints into the IT fold.

SD-Access: A to Z

Get a deep dive on SD-Access, and learn how it powers intent-based networking.

Components of SD Access


Optimize, personalize, and secure your wireless network.


Get a single fabric to help simplify and secure your digital-ready network.


Provide access to applications, services, and integrated technologies.

DNA Center

Manage SD-Access with a central dashboard across the entire network.

Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Simplify delivery of identify-based policy for users and devices​.

Cisco ONE for DNA

Help to easily buy, manage, and upgrade your network and infrastructure software.


Explore the services we offer for switches, routers, and wireless.


Extend automation across the enterprise with open APIs​.

Get started with SD-Access
Secure your network access in four easy steps.

Provide highly secure access anywhere using SD-Access.

Design and deploy SD-Access

Get your network ready for SD-Access with our validated design and deployment guides.

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